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What is Epic Nation?

Have you ever wished you knew more people who love doing the same things as you or had more options for fun things to do each week? Have you ever tried to get people together to do something fun only to find out most of your friends are busy / nobody is free at the same time and you don’t really know other people to ask? Doesn’t it suck that when you finally get some free time in life, there’s no guarantee you can always find people who are free to join you for the things you really want to do?

That’s where we come in. Imagine a nation of people ready to join you whenever you want to do something fun. Imagine having tons of options each week to jump in on fun activities with people who love the same things you do. Epic Nation is a community of people that love to get out and have fun doing various group activities and enjoy meeting new people. What are you waiting for?


Want to do something fun? Tell us where, when, and what activity, and we'll help put the word out and find more people to join you. Don't let numbers hold you down.

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Looking for more fun things to do?  See what activities other people are getting together for near you and jump in on the things that interest you. The perfect way to make new friends while giving you more chances to do the things you love.


Made a friend while out on an adventure? Keep in touch. Plan more adventures together or even just share photos in case someone forgot a camera.

*Groups/clubs are also coming soon

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